by M34N STR33T

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"Mutants of Omaha" is the debut full length independent release by M34N STR33T a Producer/Rapper/DJ tri-force bringing you sample based beats and rhymes from Midtown Omaha, Nebraska. WWW.M34NSTR33T.COM


released April 25, 2014

Recorded & Produced by Haunted Gauntlet
Lyrics by Conny Franko
Turntables by Really Real
Mixed by Rick Carson & Haunted Gauntlet
Mastered by Doug Van Sloun



all rights reserved


M34N STR33T Omaha, Nebraska

M34N STR33T is a Producer/Rapper/DJ tri-force bringing you sample based beats and rhymes from Midtown Omaha, Nebraska. We've got Conny Franko AKA Conchance on the mic, Haunted Gauntlet on the visuals/production/live beats, and DJ Really Real on the wheels of steel. The band originated in 2011 and their debut album release "Mutants of Omaha" will bring 19 tracks to the public early 2014. ... more

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Track Name: M34N OLD WORLD
Track Name: B33N BROKE
“Straight” crackers in ritz, sit-up’d, jacked tits, bastard act it.
Cackling pussy cats, can’t be catholic.
Taste the scent of fickle girl, nickle bag, simple world,
different from, pimple’s piggy back dimples plural.
Hun, figgy he want to make changes to Kimbel.
classify art as kinsfolk, god son him a Kindle.
These kids need change to pay the Been Broke.
Paint the saint’s pain on a stain glass window.
Can these chains break dames cakes to pen strokes,
Stay shaved, bathed in case of vino?
She’d hope so, mimosa, on the coast of Costa Rica.
Toasting, boasting, she just dope on breathing like….
Life is good!
(I don't want to make money,
sonny want to fake it funky,
roll something for shorty.
Let her take it from me.)
Track Name: $HE GOD
1…2…I love you…
Cootchie, cootchie, bang, bang, she god.
Cutie’s cooties fang’s hang facade.
Yeah, her bitties change name of law.
Give dame dap damn mane, dang, she god!

She stop a heartbeat with her bop,
Dumb out with Pac beats, she love sheik a lot.
She mesquite the brat, weaken the lot.
Pull the sheets off, baby love, love to cheap the flock.

She get the whole pie in the sky,
The whole profit from the pie,
& the good byes from Dubai.
She like a whole 3 piece and fries.
Peace to the betties keeping dick swang alive.

Her smiles the booshiest thang in the trap.
She kind of wanna make you rap, get fame and clap.
On any kid that changed in Chaps,
Polo posh, check the chain, neck game is fat!
Track Name: STARDUST
I got my rap name yesterday.
Would of went by my first and last.
But Brenton Walstrom just don’t carry the class,
that I wanted to match how I snapped.
I just want them to listen to my music and for the city to have my back.
Back when I didn’t have a record or when they wouldn’t help me record,
I moved out with 16 ounces and crates of effort.
And yes Max, in that same damn low sweater,
Phone calls for L to fell it, blunted friendship ain't appealing.
I’m an alcoholic dependent of how the pen hit.
Defending lines for mine like NME is the South Yard.
Its always been about God. Burbs to inner city streets.
I’ll merk the world for you long as you do the same for me.
Put the blame on the Gs, loot box, and aimless emcees,
ashamed of the game didn’t want them for their looks but how they speak.
I’m a karma freak, geeking on sin and dry gin.
watching the weeks wrong through experience,
and the rhymes my mind spins

From the stars in the sky from center like the Sun.
The Earth has its water and from water we begun.
From the well to the daughters daisy given from my son.
Love, love fill my lungs, love, love killed my Sun.

Passion sung me a tune.
Hitting notes cold enough to make sure the flowers wouldn't bloom,
Ration the powers that consume a lover’s doom,
for the sake of knowing something so much bigger than you.
You were right the night I said, “I might love you”.
You said, “Love easier to say but harder to do”.
I want to start my day soon as you would wake,
hear you tune your guitar so you could sing me my fate.
But I got to go now like my pops, who dropped me.
We both bad people girly so don’t try to stop me.
Put your feet in my shoes, you got a lot of room to grow.
Walk 38th and Farnam with foot fulls of snow.
Fuck fools that go, the same step, when pains pride.
See what the games left to that same guy.
He’s dying inside there’s a problem with will.
His heart beats the sum that keeps him numb of this feel.
Track Name: SH3-L4
Grab the vino, pass of the Pelegrino, dats dad’s kid, captain of the key note.
Let a G go, to king chip’s lingo, beat the skeet, to keep queens evil.
Leave Shela alone, she grown, she seen history dance, kiss misery’s mans.
Missing her chance, to change things for her sis, little did we know she actually did!
Daddy on chron-ton, her poppy been long gone, rock sean john, even cop’d his long johns.
Shitty loans pawned his calm, turn con it on, rob the city for all its wrongs.
Rob, Sean, and Benny brothers from the farm, shot pawns and Henny, not too fond Jenny.
Jenny knew the bomb to send heat, knew her speech, put them all on, send where the Pen be.
Her black pen sentenced me, double life, holy fuck, money, sonny, I’m suppose to teach.
TA down the street, selling smack to priests, all eight balls, cock sucka creeps.
Box cutter cut a sucka capeesh, the morning rose to the fork in the road like peace.
North to county or south to decree, whole gang rico’ed, chino know feliz.
Track Name: NITE OWL
Try putting down a vice that hold your folded life up.
Try being nice, when you’re the one that like pie but,
don’t need the crust, cause berries be sweet enough,
love leave a liter to suck, the pub be my meter in luck.
Salute, this toast be for the folks in foreclosed homes.
And for the cute girlies driving their punk ass home.
Baby the song I sing about you, I wish I didn’t know how,
To write words I sang about aloud too.
The old night owls puff white owls and the slut world, suck at living lavish,
mash out with a Pabst to Brothers
we came to give dap and drink a Pabst with brothers.
Moneys lover launder its duckets for the clubs cover,
Luck love me. Lucy know she, pissed off her besty,
could of just kept the funny money but it burned quick,
Profits need insurance to show superb socket fit,
I Bach’d it, sick.
The night owls flock to shop to spit.

Funny how regret dress same impressive and jess
Sonny I’ve been broke, depressed, learning lessons of stress.
Unless you the mess swept where the garbage is kept, you slept,
hardly stepped the steps the blessed often forget.
I shot the chef! She cook nonsense, shitty foods of the west.
Listen destiny, I'm dissing your distress.
The Moon’s mission left, landed on planet booze, take what you for granted loose.
Check your ambition, sabatic truths..
Track Name: MAC & TREES
Peep the sicko cycle, psycho know micro.
I want it macro, macaroni cheese be the title.
Put the piece right on top the Bible.
Joint rolled tight yo, no typo, it’s weed rolled 3 pipes full.
I go, then she go, high as eyes low.
How did I know Shiva chief the chiba, trees hung to dry.
5 days I might smoke. A cardboard box be her silo.

This for my tree growers, yes yes, my tree growers…

Peep the pocket book, 3 o’clock thought to look.
Tree’d out, quarter ounce with Captain Robert Cook.
Boppers are toddlers bouncing rooks.
Twin Towers smelled the hours I pushed flowers off the jux.
I needed money so I moved it off the books.
Off the same book I read often I thought I should cook.
But I’m not one to sell drugs though,
one to filled ones’ lungs with the creek’s gumbo.
Track Name: HOLY SHI†
It was… December 22 on 24th street.
Sentence don’t start with smart feet.
Shark teeth turn art into bark gnarly.
Yep! we drank at a bar not far from where star starring.
Motion picture, motion sickness.
Poured four kitten pitchers, my main cat toke piffin.
No celtic blood...
boy’s homeland is the homeland that sun sold sand to elder’s pub.
Belt with thug, lapel held snug, sell hell for Chanel, Adele, a Dell, and what?
The dream we witness. 86 pints of his blood missing.
Leave boy pale and body stiffened.
Poor choice get him, lords voice sit him, sat him in the back of the room.
Proving his past, pass him in this one afternoon.
Like life make Matt produce no more matter after this tune.

Holy shit! Who knew Holy emit? Admit Holy, yo, I wont owe thee piss.
I’m a OG, singing Oldies with no whip, watch me sell homie a gift.

Twice for tales, sold for pigtails and nails, souls for sale.
Price sour til Lord glorify whore for kale.
Booty business, hot hoochie Hell, kiss hotchkiss gun, the shorty fail!
Shot shit on pour cup, single malt door stub.
The scholar moved up, moved up to more thug.The floor drug!
Lego limbs break before the b-boy’s scores up. Son died for 4 bucks.
This Dior gore love, the pee’on senior sour butt.
who married Cherry very hairy where you score cut,
Barry White at the door, plug. Pretty price for knife to the nose bub.
Kid we can all be high, lift the living.
Feed the cat the kittens food, dood I’m not kidding you!
One need the pie to eat. One can re-rock it.
The pie produce profit, sound fly when I speak!
Story the shits in heaps. Wize pimp preach!
Turn daughters into tricks and your son into feast.
Peace business, yeah peace witness,
Peep how I put this cheese on what the beast bitten
Before peace and glory, man’s end changed story.
4:40 in the a.m. staying short of 40, mayhem.
Cluck the streets, busters and half stepper kings.
Custom caddys colored the color of custer.
That play come with me.
Pay shady tax for free, gas is D.
Pushas push past b, bus stop passion where my ass keep.
Cashed in and out relaxing, had some but smoke them quit asking.
Whatever fuck happen to fashion?

To the silhouettes shining, you cheap cheap fucker.
For the silence that speaks violence, you just one sheep brother.
We not deep sea truckers,
we knee deep in bastard shit. bad acid trip!
Omaha, Nebraska birthed a classic kid.

A whole head of iron, yes born, bread to Zion.
Sire know fire make pocket cheese, these duckets docking fees.
Queens jockinyour pop’s vodka, hock a loogie at cutie Sasha,
ancient beauty, bloom booty bang!
Who she on top of? Yeah, like who she on top of?
Good question when she order regret right after her lobster.
This is the conscious mobster,
caking of doobies and dimes doing the dig, ya dig it.
The feeling be mine.
Track Name: FOUR A BUCK
I don’t give a fuck.
Track Name: KIDS B34T
(just one big story, she in the kitchen screaming like…)

Where the 28 grand from? This is my damn son!
Give me the money, mother fucker, money make the man run!
Money feed the man hunt. Feed my son stomach cake and cheese, it demand one.
Even when he bread white, called a beaner or spic,
Or spit on whites, it deliver meager to demise.
Meet beakers lines. Keeper keep it cheaper than cheese dick, dip it deeper.
She hip, you hip, to the speech we speak with, you hip to Jesus.
I pour then he pour bore’s blood to Chieftain.
Yeah, even the one we beef with.

Tomorrow won’t wake to sunny side or eggs.
My tummy help me beside my ways,
Kids beat! Kids be high all day! Kids beat! Kids be high all day!

Why’s his sunshine figure facts?
Make money with no tax, beneath mo money with no tracks.
Why she got to breathe like that, be like that, beat up bad, beat up by dad!
Why his t-top dot the “i” chad, why the pot pie sad?
Pop got popped but pops ain’t die yet!
Nope, she’ll die a vet.  No, bye byes from white guys, she died to flip.
How you get when you tried by triff as a kid?
Grabbed like a bottle of rye, and they twist your lid.
Might just want to listen again, Heaven’s mistakes ain’t the fucking fixings and gin.
Its the drunks pissing in the wind,
pipe’ers puffin more than the pot, crack shards, scratching the skin.
Catch 22, white collars don’t win! Catch 22, white collars don’t win!
Track Name: TIFF N' CHADY
Poor Danny only dabbled with the Disney Channel.
Gambled his life for Cammy, back then, the kitties camel.
Candy tasted sweet, but not as nice as her pisser channel.
Mother miss his life, bastard dead, his soul miss his blood, Daniel.
Ooo he want it, want it. Yes, he longed to want it!
Too long he’d seen sin sing song, the lover’s sonnet.
Danny from a place when sunny stay far from darkness.
Cut off from the cops called, called to peel a carcass.
Danny stay true, true to the love that stay above his apartment.

Tiff and Chady dated, first dated in daddy’s caddy faded.
Hash brown’s gravy gave the ok to Casey…Casey… Casey...
Hit em and quit it, went back to the house to kick and to plot the pacing.
Yes, he want it, want it. Yes, he longed to want!
Conny know the kid that cop’d a epiphany often,
Bombed, coughin, your songs is wack.
Sick of me bossing the song black,
I give ⅕ of Johnny walking the 9,
The tiff a cop, pulled Conny over, pertty spliff, gawking.
Track Name: TO THE MOON
Why she carry her babies on her ellipse?
Why she push the tides eyes back and buy back time through my eyes on this bliss?
She know why science don't make sense to middle man.
We don’t even love women enough to know we know nothing about man.
The city plans to build buildings and signs and sign over hopeless profits,
for incorporated rates, and shot concepts.
A botched congress, Baracka don't wanna to,
stalemate lock cost beneath belief and honor.
I got the treats to feed your karma.

When knowledge leaves degree of college evidence and greed,
I’ll beg to differ, over a joint justice and justin’s joints of beasters.
I beg to buses and lusts’s features cheap,
One girl’s busts don't mean nothing to my nuts cause I can’t touch Nina .
Beat your babe? Nah. Your beach babe, under Taurus’s dick.
Swimming in his kids cause the sun set, babysitting the city again.
Baby look what May fought, lived off sun rays and on Shanae’s watch.
Today had the ace, to pay God.
I wrote this one for Scottie Pippen’s right knee.
For Charlie Parker barkin, “Stay on right beat”.
For Tazer’s chest piece, for hater’s hearts marked envy.
That’s beast, y’all marked 1, I’m 2 like Peace.
Too likely to part far from East.
Beat cakes foolishly, get you got, like he.
Under the heat, soaked, the street know, our problems speak slow.
Peep flow, get on, so you can put on your people!
The whole city know I rock for my city.
From where the bums sleep, to where the cops lock the kitties.
Homies got a block, chopper, stay east of 60.
Still he crack the rock, his pocket deep with Whitney.
Even Dessy got a baby now.
Remember when we were babies, wow.
We was hitting homie’s ladies proud!
Drunk off innocence and published through regret.
Still by boy burn trains and I move monuments with lead.

Shouts out to Respect.
You cannot forget Love.
What’s good Modesty.
Hello to your sister Integrity.
Good looking Couth.
What’s up Honor.
To Mother’s Mother, Father’s Father, Sister’s Sister, and Brother’s Brother.

Whom want to speak on freedom and future?
Free food and pool for weed head loser.
Kid who comes home to abuse her, boo boos in the sutra..
Lexus with no gas, gassed up through a tooter.
Just some things my eyeballs seen baby.
Seem like a dream lately.
A day named gravy, passed me up for someone’s payday maybe.
Fuck Mike Fahey!
John Lee Webster knew what he was saving!!!
Read a book kid, read a book kid, read a mother fucking book, kid.
Track Name: HEY DAYS
I'm drinkin' this.
Track Name: D34†H